Monday, October 12, 2009

A Quick Dessert

When I have guests for dinner, it is not uncommon for me to ponder what we will have for dessert before thinking of what the main course will be. If I don't think I will have enough time for a fancy dessert, I will go with one of my quick desserts. One of my favorites is brownies with ice cream. I can make the brownies in the morning, and that leaves me the rest of the day to prepare the main part of the meal. The presentation of the dessert is a simple one. I simply put a brownie on each plate, accompanied with a scoop of ice cream drizzled with a bit of chocolate syrup. It's tough to go wrong with brownies and ice cream.


The Library Lady said...

That looks yummy. All you need now is a long stemmed cherry on top.

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things"

Anonymous said...

I serve brownies and ice cream for dessert frequently and I've never heard any complaints. :-)


Anonymous said...

mmmmm. sounds delicious!