Monday, September 28, 2009

Slowing Down Time

It is the end of September. I literally cannot believe that the end of the month has come so quickly. In light of this realization, I have decided that I sincerely want to find ways to slow down time. I have been evaluating my life and the activities that keep me so busy. My conclusion is that the hurried pace that I seem to keep is really all my own doing. No one is pushing me telling me that I need to accomplish thirty things in one day. No one is requiring me to write out a list each morning that is virtually impossible to accomplish. I have simply set my goals too high; and as a result, I hurry around all day long trying to get things done. I don't think that God really intends us to run from pillar to post each day at a hurried pace. He wants us to be effective and organized. After all, that is the kind of God that He is. Everything is in order, organized, systematic, and peaceful. A couple of weeks ago, one of my daughters saw my daily to-do list, and suggested to me that if I should accomplish one or two things off of the list, I should be happy with that. I have been thinking about that advice, and she is right. Lists will still be made, but I just won't think I can accomplish everything all in one day. Instead, I will be focusing on one thing at a time. After all, that is all I can accomplish anyway. Yesterday I actually put this thinking into practice. I took my time with my chores, spent some time outside gathering seeds from my flowers, and picked all of my tomatoes and peppers (at a leisurely pace) from my garden. At this point I began thinking of other chores I could do, when I looked outside, saw the sunshine, and decided everything else could wait. I got my new book, a chair, and sat outside in the sunshine for a while, just enjoying the afternoon, and slowing down time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Good, good thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

It is always a wisdom exercise to use the resource of time that God gives us isn't it? I am glad you are finding a more peaceful way. Thanks for the visit on Saturday!!!