Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girl Time

Yesterday afternoon was spent in one of the most delightful fashions ever -- as girl time.  It began with a stop at Starbucks where we sat and chatted over tea and scones.  And then out of necessity was grocery shopping; however, it involved my daughters buying me a beautiful miniature red rose plant.  That makes grocery shopping a cheerful adventure any time.  Next stop, dinner at Red Robin (yum).  And then it was back home where we settled in and watched the movie, "Letters to Juliet", while eating generous portions of cinnamon butter pound coffee cake from Costco.  I love spending time with my girls :D


birdie blue said...

we just tried that cinnamon coffee cake from costco, and my girls loved it. it was nice to find something they liked from costco's bakery, because we haven't had much luck with previous purchases.

did you see the ribbon they're selling (50 yards/ and so reasonably priced)?


Monica said...

Yes, I have seen the ribbon. I already purchased the white with red polka dots ... very cheerful :)


Kathy said...

I love spending girlie time with my daughter too!
we have costco over here ... it does great cakes.

Rose said...

sounds like a great memory day. i wish my daughter lived closer to us. have a great day. rose

Florence said...

So many memories you are making there with your girls. Florence

Martha said...

Sounds like a lovely day with great memories!

Sheila said...

Sweet! I now have only one girl at home and miss the other 2 terribly. But I do have fun with the boys.