Monday, February 21, 2011

February Finds

When my kids were younger, every February I would evaluate if they would be needing a new winter coat for the next year.  February was my official buy new coats month.  The reason being is because I could always get them new coats at ridiculously low prices.  With stores clearing out all of their winter clearance and getting ready for spring, they price their leftover stock at such low prices so they can clear it all out rather quickly.  Not only are coats at great prices, but any winter clothing as well as flannel sheets.  This year my great buy was on two sets of flannel sheets.  Originally priced at $60 a set, I bought one set for an amazing $9.00.  The other set for one of my daughters cost me only $7.00.  And her set is so colorful and cute, just like she is.

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koralee said...

Oh I adore flannel...I could curl up to a great big sheet of it right cozy!

Monday hugs. xoxoxo