Monday, December 6, 2010


We have jumped into winter this year with both feet.  November went on record as being the snowiest November we have ever had.  Around Thanksgiving we managed to have a blizzard, sub-zero temperatures, and two snowstorms.  In spite of all of this we have managed to stay cozy warm in our house.  Our dog, Milly, however had alternate plans.  She has a very warm shop that she can go in and out of at will.  It is equipped with all of the food and water she could ever want, as well as a very big cozy, soft bed.  So during our inclement weather, what did she decide would be best?  To leave her warm shop, escape from her enclosed area, and sleep under our deck!  I guess she just thought we really needed some extra protection during the storms.


Kar said...

How sweet. Milly has a gentle face. Perfect for a great friend. :)

Jennifer D said...

Crazy Dog! Our weather has been very similar. We just got another foot of snow last night. Stay warm.

Kathy said...

Dogs do the daftest things sometimes. She mjust have had a good reason!
We've got freezing temperatures here too, very unusual for so early on in the winter. Our winters are usually grey and wet ... but we've got -8C at night rising to -3C in the day. We don't cope very well, the country has come to a standstill! Schools are shut, trains aren't working and airplanes are grounded.
Love Kathy xxx

Jan said...

So sweet! There is nothing like the faithful, constant, unconditional love of a dog! I think Milly just wants to be near you and protect you! What a sweet, "I know best" face!