Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Shoppers

Some people manage to get all of their Christmas decorations up a few days after Thanksgiving.  Typically I get mine up as soon as I can; however, the village generally is the last item to get set up, and the past few years, it has been very close to Christmas Eve when the lights of my tiny little community light up to celebrate this joyful time of year.  Two residents of this community though are really more from the future than my Victorian era village, and usually feel very out of place amongst their Victorian dressed friends.  So this year I set them up in their own little place next to vintage looking bottle brush trees.  I think they feel much more at home now :-)

1 comment:

Jennifer D said...

I love your little shoppers and I would also like to see the village. I have hard time not decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween!