Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taco Salad

Sometimes when I need a quick idea for dinner, I choose taco salad.  It's relatively fast, and customizable.  By customizable, I mean that you don't have to put everything in it.  Sitting around my table at each meal are a variety of likes and dislikes.  We have the non-tomato eaters, non-avocado eaters, and even a non-cheese eater (that's me, and I know it is unthinkable to some of you).  So when I make it, I have the basic salad, and serve all of the optional toppings in separate small serving dishes for everyone to choose or not choose according to their personal likes or dislikes.

My recipe is very basic ..... lettuce,1 can of kidney beans rinsed, green onions, sliced black olives, and 1 pound ground beef that has been seasoned with my taco seasoning mix (and cooled before adding to the lettuce).  The separate items that I include on the side are grated cheese, diced tomatoes, avocadoes, and tortilla chips that have been crushed.  Of course you could just add all of that to your salad along with the basic ingredients (except for the crushed chips -- they can get a bit soggy if there is enough salad remaining for leftovers).  I serve the salad dressing on the side, which of course can be whatever your preference is; but a favorite of ours to have with this salad is Catalina.  And then of course I never forget the salsa and the taco hot sauce.


Peter Jones said...

We had Taco Salad for dinner tonight! We use Catalina too. :) My kids were asking why we don't have this more often, they love it! I said, "We do...just not in the winter!" It's a great warm-weather meal. :)

Jennifer D said...

Yummy! My Mom always called it "Fractured Tacos".

Kathy said...

Mmm! That sounds delicious - I do something similar with chicken and fajitas. I like to put all the components out on the table for people to help themselves.
The only problem is - it makes a lot more clearing up to do!!!!
Thanks for your kind comments over on my post - much appreciated!
Love Kathy xxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy.
Makes me hungry.

koralee said...

Yummmmm that is calling my name...thanks for the dinner suggestion for tomorrow! xoxoxo