Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recipes, Recipes, and More Recipes

I find a great deal of pleasure in sitting down and looking through a cookbook.  When I check books out at the library, typically the larger percentage of them are cookbooks.  I can hardly bear to throw a magazine away until I've clipped out the good looking recipes.  I have a nice collection of cookbooks, old and new.  In fact, I realize that there probably aren't enough hours left in my lifetime to be able to make all of the delicious recipes that I want to try. 

In my "dream" house, I think I would like to have a second kitchen.  This kitchen would always be set up and ready for me to step into it to make any pie or cake at a moment's notice.  And of course since my family wouldn't possibly be able to eat all of the decadent desserts that I would be making, I would love to just be able to give them away to anyone who would have them .... after I have been able to have a small piece first of course.


Erin said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful!!! I would like someone to come over and organize all of the thousands of recipes I've cut out over the years and make them look all pretty in a file folder.

And if the time ever comes that you are giving away all your amazing desserts... remember me!!! =o)

Woman of the House said...

Remember me too! I love your recipe box!

Anonymous said...

Because I am your daughter I will get first dibs on all extra desserts that you make. If you have a dream house that must mean that you have a lot of money. Then you can pay for the gym membership and the personal trainer that I will need. That way I can have my cake and eat it too!
Jessica xo xo

theUngourmet said...

I love the second kitchen idea! I'll take one too! :D

koralee said...

Now that would be fun...I love your red recipe box. I am so like you I love reading cook books from beging to end. xoxo