Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Greetings

We had a great little vacation this past week.  My son is an expert surfer riding the indoor wave.  I gave it a couple of tries; but after being tossed into the air by the wave both times, I opted for body surfing instead.  It was much easier.

After returning from vacation, I had a couple of days to quickly prepare for Easter.  At this very moment, my daughter is setting the table, and everything seems to be in place.  Well, almost everything.  Upon completion of this blog post, I will put together a relish plate, and then everything will be in order.  But I just wanted to take a minute, and wish all of you a very blessed Easter Day.  This day carries so much meaning; and without it, there would be no hope in this world.  But we do have this day to celebrate Christ's glorious resurrection; and along with it, comes forgiveness and hope.  This is truly a glorious day for celebration!

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Kathy said...

Glad you had a nice holiday!
Wishing a very Happy Easter tide!
Love Kathy xxx