Friday, February 19, 2010

Candy Bar Happiness

When I was a little girl, I can remember at times waiting with anticipation for my dad to come home from work. The reason the wait would be a highlight was because sometimes he would bring me home a surprise. The surprise that stands out in my mind most prominently was a 5th Avenue candy bar. What a treat that would be! He would walk in the door and hand me my candy bar. I loved receiving this little gift from him; and after so many years, the 5th Avenue is still my favorite candy bar. I'm quite certain it is my favorite because of the fond memories attached to it. To this day I never pick one up without thinking of my dad, and his smiling face. I don't often buy one for myself, but occasionally my daughters will come home from town, greet me with their smiling faces, and pass me a surprise -- a 5th Avenue candy bar.


Ashley and Jessica said...

You are very fun to give candy to Mama! It does not matter what I bring home, you are happy. I think the memories attached to the Fifth Avenue bar are what make me bring them to you. (I think its time for another one, don't you?) This is probably why I like Starburst, because I remember going to the auto parts store and Papa would always buy me Starburst.

Sharon said...

Fifth Avenue was my Dad's favorite too! He kept treats in his garage and all his grandchildren loved receiving a treat from their grandpa.

Woman of the House said...

What a sweet memory of your father!