Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Round Two

Now that the marigold garden has been planted, it was time to go buy more flowers.  You see I really love flowers, and the more flower gardens the better as far as I'm concerned.  Next on the planting agenda are my zinnias.  This year I will be planting them in my two big flower boxes by the front door, and in two smaller gardens just as you walk through the gate into our yard.  Those smaller flower beds are also lined with white alyssum.  So back to the store I went and purchased three flats of zinnias, one flat of alyssum, as well as a few smaller plants that will go into my pots.  My daughters were with me, and since they are in charge of two very large sections of flower beds that I have, they thought they should get more marigolds.  So we loaded up all our pretty flowers in the back of my car and brought them home.  Now I am just waiting for some sunshine to return so I can finish planting up this batch.

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koralee said...

Wishing you some sunshine...your garden will be so lovely. Hugs for a wonderful week.