Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marigold Time

Last year, because of circumstance beyond my control (i.e. weather, etc.) I was unable to plant my "marigold garden".  I have planted this garden for so many years, that probably the soil was happy for a year off.  However, this year I am back in business, and my goal yesterday was to get it all planted. 

I'm really not sure how long the garden is, but two cars can easily park alongside it with more garden on either side of them.  Here is a shot of it right before I began planting:

Yes, there is a HUGE boulder that sits towards one end of it.  Actually in this picture it looks like it is smack dab in the center, but it is much closer to the end I took the picture from.  You may wonder where that boulder came from ---- well, when we were preparing the ground for this garden, it was unearthed, and because of its huge size, we decided it would look very nice if left in the garden (or maybe it was because it was way too big to move).  And you also may note all of the large rocks lining the garden ---- well, all of them were found in our yard and garden area.  We literally have rocks all over the place, and every year I am digging up more. 

In this picture I obviously still had some weeding to do around the edges, but after that was accomplished, and the soil all raked smooth, one of my daughters and I got busy planting.  I use nearly 4 entire flats of marigolds to fill this garden up, and here is the variety I chose this year:

In year's past, when my kids were younger, they would all come out and help me.  It was really quite the process as everyone had a job, and after each row was planted, everyone rotated into the next job so that all jobs could be experienced by each one of them.  It was actually very fun, and each year we would time ourselves to see if we could beat the time from the year before.

Here is the garden after it was all planted yesterday:

Not too amazing yet, but if all goes well, as it usually does, it will look like this in no time:

This picture was taken a few years ago from the other end of the garden.  See that big boulder at the other end......


Woman of the House said...

That's a knock-out! Wow!

serendipity said...

Wow, that's going to look amazing!