Monday, August 22, 2011

Lessons Learned

Today starts the beginning of what we call "fair week".  Technically our local fair doesn't begin until Wednesday; however, for kids in 4H it has already begun.  The fair to the 4H kids is like the culmination of all of their hard work they have put into their projects over the past year.  They get a chance to enter exhibits of the different things they have learned, and receive ribbons recognizing their hard work. 

This past year I decided I would help out in my daughter's 4H club, and offered to lead a gardening project.  Besides my daughter, there was only one other girl in my class, which actually made it easier for me as a first time leader.  It gave me the opportunity to get my feet wet with two familiar faces.  But as it turns out I not only got my feet wet, but basically sunk to the bottom of the lake as a leader this year.  I had read the requirements for a different gardening project than the one I taught the girls.  So yesterday when exhibits were to be entered into the fair, they had the wrong exhibits for the project they were entering.  You can imagine how terrible I feel.  They were still able to enter the exhibits, but will only receive a white ribbon as they obviously won't get all of the points since they entered the wrong project.  Fortunately my daughter laughed and thought it was funny.  So I think perhaps I am the most disappointed since I was the one that technically "led them astray".  But fortunately, I have a very dear friend,  who just happens to be the mother of the other girl in my class, that was extremely forgiving and understanding.  She reminded me that this will just give us something to laugh about in the years to come.  At least this wasn't the only project that the girls entered, so they have other chances to enjoy their successes. 

I also realize that I'm not the only one in the world still learning lessons.  So I thank my God for all of the lessons He teaches me, even the ones that have to involve other people.  And while I am learning my lessons, the world keeps on turning, and the sun still continues to shine.

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