Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glory in the Morning

Outside my front door, I have two built-in planters that I like to fill with zinnias.  And tucked in with the zinnias, I really like to have some morning glories growing.  They are usually volunteers, but over the years, I encourage them to "volunteer".  They just seem to fill in any blank spots, and besides that, I am simply fascinated by morning glories.  A delicate flower, blooming profusely in the morning, yet when the sun gets a little hot for them, they close up tight until the next morning. 

This morning I thought they were so lovely that I had to take a few pictures.  I love the way it appears that a bright light is shining right through the center of the flower, even though the picture was taken in the shade.  God's glory can certainly be found anywhere we look.


Woman of the House said...

I love morning glories too! We planted some once in our yard and never had to plant them again. In fact, they spread all over the place, even in our vegetable garden. I was surprised last summer to see morning glory blooms among the green beans!

by Teresa said...

Wow.. yes, Morning Glories are beautiful. Do yours ever go rampant? Or is that just the wild ones?

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Monica said...

Yes, Teresa, my morning glories do like to spread. I keep them in check a little bit, but I like the randomness of their locations mixed in with my other flowers.

koralee said...

Stunning ...I love Morning glories...wish I had planted some this year. oxxoox Hugs for a great new week.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That's funny (and beautiful)!