Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting Contentedly

Today is a very rainy, dark day.  One of those days that you really would like to just stay at home, eat warm soup, and maybe watch an old movie.  Instead, I have been running errands, and am now waiting to pick my daughter up from her volleyball practice.  But I really don't mind waiting.  The reason is a cup of hot tea, and pumpkin bread.  Yum!!  I wish you could come and join me :)


Kar said...

That does look good. Especially on a cold, damp day. Enjoy your treats!

Kathy said...

Oh we're heading into the damp dark days of winter too. November can be so miserable ... we need lots of lovely cakes to cheer us all up!
Love Kathy xxx

Woman of the House said...

Wish I could too! Hope you enjoyed it! :-)

koralee said...

Oh I love their pumpkin bread... my daughter was just commenting the other day...she can't wait for their Christmas drinks to come out.

Happy November my friend. xoxo