Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trying to Hold On

We have been blessed with a very nice fall here in northern Idaho.  The leaves have been beautiful, unlike last year when we had a very sudden hard freeze that actually just killed all of the leaves without letting them ever turn into their beautiful autumn shades.  In the past couple of days most of the leaves have now fallen to the ground; but I noticed on one of my maple trees, a couple of remaining green leaves refusing to accept the idea that fall is indeed here, and winter just around the corner.  I've never noticed such a rebellious trend in this maple tree before.  But it kind of parallels people in that sometimes they think they know better than God, and can control an outcome outside of Him.  God has His own plan though, and try as they might, these leaves aren't going to stay green.  They will eventually turn, and fall off of the tree.  But that is all the better for the tree in the long run.  Next year it will be even stronger and taller than it was this year.


Kathy said...

We've had a wonderful autumn here too. The colours have been lovely, but they're fast disappearing now. We had our first really cold day today ... winter is waiting in the wings! Have a lovely week!
Kathy xxx

Rose said...

back from my trip so i stopped to read your post. i love the color chane in the trees. our trees are just starting to change take care. rose