Monday, July 12, 2010

Tinkered Berry Muffins

When I find time for visiting various blogs, I never miss hopping over to Bluebird Notes.  Koralee has one of the cheeriest blogs around I think.  While meandering through her list of "inspiring friends" along her sidebar, I happened upon Cottage, where I found the recipe for these delicious muffins.  They went together so quick, and were so easy.  At first I wasn't sure about a muffin recipe using Bisquick since sometimes they seem to have a tendency to be "heavy".  These Tinkered Berry Muffins weren't heavy at all, and the combination of bananas, blueberries, and oats was very good.  And just as a side note .... I read once that when you take muffins out of the oven, if you tip them on their side while they cool, it will prevent the bottoms of them from becoming soggy. 


Kar said...

Thanks for the link. The muffins look delish! And easy!

I was just up in your neck of the woods this past weekend. Love it! I'm going to have to "retire" there one day. It's my favorite spot in the state now. :)

Rose said...

muffins look good, thanks for the tip. have a good day

koralee said...

Oh sweet one..your words are so lovely today...thank you soooo brightened up my day. I do have so many lovely ones on my sidebar..I am off to add you right now because I tend to miss so many of your lovely posts..hugs for a great weekend!
I really need a blueberry muffin with my morning tea..yum!