Monday, March 15, 2010

Lunch at Grama's House

Growing up, I was blessed to have a Grama that lived nearby.  And because we lived so close, we often were invited to her house for a meal.  She was an amazing cook; and whenever we were invited over, the second that we walked in the door, we were greeted with a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen and filling the entire house.  She was one of the best cooks that I have ever known.  She left this world ten years ago now, but I can still remember exactly how her culinary creations tasted.

Last week my daughters and I visited my mom.  I had told my mom that we would be happy to bring Subway over since I knew she hadn't been feeling well; and it would be easier for her since she didn't have to do any cooking.  She told me that actually she was feeling better, and she wanted to make us something.  When my youngest daughter heard that Grama was cooking, she let out a shout of joy.  So I'm really glad that my kids can also look forward to their Grama's cooking in a similar fashion that I did.  It is a memory that I wouldn't trade for anything.

And of course my mom didn't just make us sandwiches or something simple.  It was a pot roast, with all of the trimmings.  I love my mom :o)


Kathy said...

Your children will have great memories too - my Grandma was a terrible cook so we've got different memories - of some really funny, awful meals.
However, my Mum bakes the best cakes in the world. My daughter always took some of Nana's special fruit cake away to university and my sister survived on my Mum's Christmas Cake on a trip to India (where she was really ill!)
Love Kathy xxx

Kar said...

Isn't it great to eat Mom's home cooking! It just brings back great memories from when you were little!

Florence said...

Keep those memories coming for your children, my girls are grown women and now they still talk about their visits to grandmas. I hope I can evoke that same memory. Florence