Monday, December 28, 2009


Growing up in northern Idaho (many years ago), about the most tropical of a fruit that was available to us in grocery stores was a banana. My mom always had fruit in the house; but it was always of the more ordinary kind ... apples, bananas, oranges, etc. Having grown up this way, I don't think about trying some of the more unusual fruits available to us now. I finally bought some kiwis for the first time this past year after having found out that my kids love them. Poor kids -- I felt like I had deprived them. And then last month, a friend told me that one of the stores was having a sale on pomegranates. I confessed that I had never eaten a pomegranate. He happened to have one with him, and gave me and my daughter a taste of the delicious seeds. That was all I needed. I went straight to the grocery store and bought a few pomegranates. They were so good. And then a couple of weeks ago, the same friend told me that mangoes were on sale ..... and yes, once again I had to confess that I had never had a mango. So for Christmas, I received several mangoes from this friend who must surely think I am deprived when it comes to enjoying fruit. But wait, the story gets better ... after cutting into my first mango, I came across this great big seed in the middle. It was about the size of the palm of my hand. I was so surprised! So before I even ate breakfast, I quickly checked on the internet for planting instructions, and planted my first mango seed. This will be a fun experiment.


Alison said...

Your seed tales are always inspiring to us! Last winter we planted apple seeds thanks to your post, and we just planted tangerine seeds today, inspired by your orange seed post. I'm wondering how that little plant is doing? My 6 year old is talking tales of having her own tangerine tree soon! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

koralee said...

OH I would love to know how your mango seed will grow. I try to let my kids enjoy different fruits and pomegranates are our Christmas favourite. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Cianoy said...

Hello there fellow planter! How's your mango seed doing? Mine's showing some progress. ;-) I'm excited to hear about the planting adventures of other people.