Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toasty Toes

Once the weather turns chilly, so do my toes. We don't wear shoes in our house, so it is a necessity for me to either don some heavy wool socks, or wear a pair of slippers - especially on my kitchen tile floor - it can get downright freezing cold! The slipper part gets tricky though because if they have hard soles on them, they tend to scuff up my hardwood floor. So I will only wear soft soled slippers. Any more, those are almost an impossibility to find. I have instructed my oldest daughters that if they ever find soft soled slippers to just buy them for me no matter what they look like. Recently one of my daughters brought these home to me, and I think they are pretty cute.


Kar said...

I agree, very cute! We don't wear shoes in our house either. So there are lots of slippers around keeping toes warm.


Sheila said...

My family members are always attacked by the cold floors in our house. Something attractive to cover their toesies might be an encouragement to keep them covered, therefore warm. Stocking stuffers maybe:)

koralee said...

ooooooh I love slipper time...some people adore shoes...while I adore slippers. They just make me so happy!

Anonymous said...

I especially love the pom-poms!