Monday, November 2, 2009

New Traditions

This past Saturday was of course Halloween -- and it marked the first time in 21 years that I haven't had a little one to take trick-or-treating. Last year I knew that it would be our final year; however, I wasn't sure what this year would bring. It was kind of bitter sweet. I didn't miss the racking of our brain trying to figure out what costume we would put together this year. After putting 21 years worth of costumes together, ideas were beginning to run thin. I did miss though the lack of excitement in the house. The morning wasn't filled with comments such as, "I can't wait", "I hope it doesn't rain", and "do I really have to wear my coat under my costume?" And I also missed the rustling of new candy as it would always spill out onto the living room floor after the trick-or-treating was over, just waiting to be sorted into various piles. Instead, my youngest daughter and I spent a quiet afternoon carving pumpkins, and a warm evening at home without having to go out into the cold, windy, dark night. That part was very pleasant.

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koralee said...

I know what you mean...this was my youngest daughters last year. I will be very sad when Halloween comes around next year.