Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Chickens

I have had my Etsy shop opened up for a couple of months now; and have found it to be an enjoyable adventure indeed. I find great delight in making my little chickens, and often wonder what their new surroundings will be like after I've popped them in the mail to their new caretakers. A very nice lady by the name of Kris has purchased several of them; and was kind enough to send me pictures of how she has hers displayed. I have to admit that when she sent me the pictures, I was very pleased to see how happy the little hens and chicks appear to be in their new home; and if you look real close, I think you will see them smiling.


Jennifer D said...

I have been looking at your little chickens for some time now and today I have decided I must buy one or maybe two. They just look so happy!

Sarah said...

They are darling - I bet they sell well!! I do mostly holiday artwork. Working on Fall stuff at the moment!! Sarah

The Library Lady said...

I have a couple of those chicks too ~ mine are photo shy so I'm not going to disturb them. I encourage everyone to get one of these chicks. They are too stinkin cute!!

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things"