Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet Peas

I love sweet peas. They are such a pretty flower. They are early to bloom, have the prettiest colors, and smell so sweet. This year I was very fortunate to enjoy sweet peas all summer long. Typically they will die out once the weather gets too hot. But this year, I guess since we had such a late spring, they lasted up until last week when we got our first hard frost. But the one very special thing for me about sweet peas is that my dad loved them too. So when I see sweet peas, I think of him. When I am planting my sweet peas each year, I think of him. And when I have beautiful bouquets of sweet peas in the house, I think of him. So now every time I pull up this page I can also think of him. That is why I entitled this blog Sweet Peas and Happy Things .... for him. I can remember him, and think of all of the happy things that I have been blessed with in my life ... of which there has been an abundance.


Ashley and Jessica said...

I love your sweet post. Now whenever I see sweat peas I will think of Grandad. I wish I could have known him better. Whenever I see tulips I think of him. Yellow roses remind me of Olga,and Cosmos remind me of Granny. It is neat how each special person I have known has a flower that reminds me of them. When ever I see Lupis I think of you. I also think of you whenever I see buttercups or pansies or... most any flower really! You have the best geen thumb ever and I know that you inherited it from you dad. Maybe some time you can post some more stories about him. It would be neat if you could post a picture of him sometime too. I love You XO XO

Ashley and Jessica said...

Note: LUPINS remind me of you! It is late and I am making silly typing errors! :) :)