Monday, June 27, 2011

My Lupine

In my previous post, I mentioned how beautiful my lupine have been this year.  They are just now beginning to show signs that they will be finishing up their show in the coming weeks.  I have enjoyed them so much; and I have so many this year, that even as you walk by the house on the street, their peppery scent fills the air.  Lupine are truly one of my very favorite flowers of all time, and what a bright spot they have been during this very wet and cool spring.


Holly Loves Art said...

They are gorgeous!!! My favorites are foxglove - very similar. Are they in the same flower family? Thanks for sharing these beauties.

Kathy said...

We call them lupins over here. They remind me of my childhood, but we don't have any in our garden right now. Yours are lovely!

Jan said...

Beautiful! Do they do better in damp springs like we have had this year? I don't believe I have ever smelled their scent.