Monday, April 4, 2011

The Beginning of Garage Sale Season

On Saturday morning, two of my daughters and I attended our first garage sale of the season.  Fortunately it was an indoor sale since our weather certainly was misbehaving that day.  There were many vendors and all kinds of junk to look at.  And yes, most of it was junk.  But it certainly can make you laugh to see some of the items that people expect others to buy.  A good case in point ..... a watering can purse.  Now, this just made me laugh, and I had to take a picture.


Jennifer D said...

Ha! you never know...someone will buy it. ;0)

koralee said...

That is soooo funny...purple at that. Oh now you got me excited about garage sales. happy week my friend. xoxo

Diane Mars said...

OMG that is way over the top for me! But yes picture worthy... My first time here and now I am off to explore... I will be back I am adding you to the Blogs I follow~ oxox, Diane